We Won't Fall

from by Lights Rising

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Verse 1

Life reflections many lessons n' blessings
Rebirth and ascension but I can't forget to mention
The incredible tension just look at us then and look at us now
We're lookin' around no sanity to be found
Wow oh my suicides are record high
They hide their pain so well you wouldn't know it by their eyes
Broken bloodlines living lies severed ties
And everything multiplies steady on the rise
That's why some people cry at night
They're gettin' so weak succumbing now to this plight
It's like a fight for life while you're submerged
Needin' a deep breath n' bein' on the verge
Straight collapse they say "relax you gotta let it go!"
As you fight a battle that they don't even know
"forget that take this don't cut you're wrist
Just treat the problem like it doesn't exist"


We wont fall
We wont oh no I said
We wont fall
We wont oh no no

Verse 2

Money n' murder that's the name of the game
With the elites the police and street gangs
Command and conquer with no dignity or honor
If you're gettin' in the way its safe to say that you'ze a goner
Like JFK, MLK, sent above up high
It's kind of strange Alex Jones is still alive
Bill Cooper said Alex Jones is full of lies
Now Bill Cooper's dead he joined the others in the sky
Yea ain't that a bitch
Tell the truth to the people and they leave you in a ditch
But ask me if I give a shit as if this life is all there is
I'd rather be a martyr then a marked ass delinquent
My soul is infinite beyond this shell of a body
This living hell never fails but it can't stop me
I got a legacy I guarantee that im'a leave
Waking people up and making sure that they can breathe


We wont fall
We wont oh no I said
We wont fall
We wont oh no no

Verse 3

Look at their one world government they're lovin' it
White collar ballers thuggin' it
It's laughable to me that's not the way to be a G
They got a whole army of military police
Pillage and rape will only take em' to a certain place
That's when the people start to rally up in their face
That's when the people start to take the power back
They pushed us past the point of no return that's a fact
Now the winds of change it moves
It's movin' til' the quality of life improves
Yes the choice is ours we choose
To never ever stop until its all removed
Everything that they do everything that they've done
They worship many Gods but they forgot the One
Every dog has his day everythang flips around
They've taken damn near everything but we still got sound

Chorus 2x

We wont fall
We wont oh no I said
We wont fall
We wont oh no no


from A Question of Conscience, released January 25, 2015
Justin St. Charles



all rights reserved


Conscious Entity Sound Vancouver, British Columbia

A self taught multi-instrumentalist/composer/producer/songwriter and independent label owner.

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